Road Sawing

Brisbane Cutting & Coring (QLD) range of Road Saws are able to cut to 400 mm deep with our Diesel Powered low emissions Road saw…

Hand & Ring Sawing

At Brisbane Cutting & Coring (QLD) has an extensive range of Hand and Ring Cutting Saws to suit every requirement that you may have.

Core Drilling

We owe our reputation to a highly skilled team who has gained significant experience working across various residential, commercial...

Wall Sawing

Brisbane Cutting & Coring (QLD) wall saws to 500 mm deep. We can cut vertically, horizontally and complete inverted cutting.

Wire Sawing

At Brisbane Cutting and Coring, we are proud to offer wire sawing services to our clients in the greater Brisbane area.

Concrete Demolition

Revamping your space or breathing new life into your landscape necessitates Brisbane concrete demolition & removal.

Soft Cutting

Brisbane Cutting & Coring (QLD) is able to soft cut slabs, driveways, foot paths, through to large building footprints.

Concrete Scanning/Service Locating

Brisbane Cutting & Coring (QLD) utilises a combination of Concrete Scanning and Service...