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Brisbane’s Best Residential Concrete Cutting Service

Brisbane Cutting & Coring (QLD) stands as your reliable aid for all residential concrete cutting tasks. Keen on sprucing up your home? Looking to address under-the-floor pipe issues or behind-the-wall wiring? Reach out to us with just a single phone call. We’re ever ready to help.

Concrete Demolition & Removal Cost in Brisbane

Services We Provide

Cutting concrete for fresh plumbing fixtures

Creating window and doorway spaces in concrete walls

Inground pool removal and cutting

Driveway section cutting for better drainage

Cutting and removing concrete driveways, patios, walkways and beyond

Our State-of-the-art Equipment for Residential Concrete Cutting in Brisbane

Wondering about our equipment? We use top-tier residential concrete cutting Brisbane gear.

  • For noise reduction and minimal fumes, we use a conventional hand saw or electric ring saw. We frequently utilise these tools, especially for Brisbane’s residential areas.
  • These tools are also handy for outdoor projects. But for stubborn slabs, we turn to our diesel-powered road saw.

Frequently Asked Questions About Residential Concrete Cutting in Queensland

In conclusion, for residential concrete cutting Queensland, our firm stands at the helm, providing dependable, top-quality services.

Absolutely! Our work necessitates access to water and power:

  • Electric saws, suitable for smaller, indoor jobs, need electricity.

  • Concrete cutting demands water. It cools the blade, ensures lubrication and minimises dust.

  • Post-job, we employ a wet vacuum to manage the mess and remove the slurry.
Indeed, we’ll tidy up post-job. Do note, however, the responsibility for discarding cut concrete debris rests with you. We offer disposal services too, but it involves additional charges.