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Expert Concrete Wall Sawing in Brisbane: Comprehensive Solutions

Premium Concrete Sawing Services in Brisbane

Our proficient team provides high-quality concrete wall sawing in Brisbane, catering to projects of all scales, whether residential, commercial or industrial. Brisbane Cutting & Coring, an owner-operated enterprise, guarantees swift execution of diverse tasks while adhering strictly to safety protocols.

We employ advanced concrete sawing techniques with a versatile barrel range from 18 mm to 1 200 mm, endorsing our stance as experts in Brisbane concrete wall sawing.

Road Sawing Services in Brisbane

Understanding Concrete Sawing

Concrete sawing, a meticulous operation, modifies or removes concrete structures. Given the robust nature of concrete, it requires special techniques for cutting. That’s where we, Brisbane Cutting & Coring, step in with our extensive knowledge and cutting-edge equipment.

Comprehensive Sawing Services We Offer

Precision Road Sawing

Concrete’s natural shrinkage can lead to widespread cracks. We safeguard your pavement with precision road sawing. Our top-tier diesel saws can slice up to 400 mm. We provide on-site slurry trailers for mess-free operations and a water cart when water supply is insufficient.

Customised Concrete Core Drilling

Our concrete core drilling extends from 18 mm to 500 mm in diameter and from millimetres to over 4 m deep. We partner with trusted construction firms to deliver customised drilling services. These services include hydraulic core drilling, stress bar removal, slab perforation, HVAC and electrical installations, and core sample extraction.

Effective Hand and Ring Sawing

Hand sawing perfectly cuts small holes in a concrete wall. We create openings for crawl spaces, exhaust fans, and hand-cut control and expansion joints in floors. Ring sawing is excellent for creating corners or when operating in tight spaces. Ring saws, capable of making deeper cuts, help prevent overcutting and damage to pipes and concrete.

Professional Concrete Wall Sawing in Queensland

We specialise in concrete wall sawing in Queensland, offering vertical, horizontal, and fully inverted cutting up to 500 mm deep. Wall sawing accurately cuts vertical surfaces, creating openings for windows, doorways, elevators, staircases, and HVAC systems. Concrete wall saws produce straight and smooth cuts, delivering a seamless finish for openings.

Accurate Concrete Scanning

Our concrete scanning equipment identifies post-tension cables and live services such as electricity, gas, water, and telecommunications. We provide ‘dial before you dig’ reports for peace of mind, followed by comprehensive post-work reports.

Precise Soft Cutting

Soft cutting is a dry system to finish expansion cuts or for concrete foundation slabs. It controls shrinkage or cracking and prevents chipping, applying pressure to the concrete surface.

Leading Brisbane Concrete Wall Sawing Services

Regardless of your needs, Brisbane Cutting & Coring offers top-notch concrete wall sawing in Brisbane. We adhere to best environmental practices, ensuring responsible disposal of all concrete waste. We are adept at collaborating with teams and main contractors, from project planning to execution.

As a reliable and adaptable provider, we prioritise professionalism, effectiveness, and efficiency. Our operators are well-versed with our equipment and uphold strict safety measures. We stand by you, providing expert advice until the successful completion of your project.

We uphold the highest service standards, whether working on a small residential job or a major industrial project. We guarantee worker safety and structural integrity.

For a quote or a free consultation, do not hesitate to contact us.

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