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Expert Concrete Cutting in North Brisbane: Redefining Strength and Precision

The world of concrete is built to withstand time, yet the need for style and functional shifts can sometimes challenge its lasting power. Concrete cutting and coring become valuable tools for modifying these robust structures according to the updated blueprint of engineers. We specialize in providing tailored concrete cutting in Brisbane, making doorways, access hatches, and utility conduits a reality in your existing structures.

Hand Ring Sawing Services in Brisbane

The Edge of Brisbane Concrete Cutting: Trust, Experience, and Expertise

Concrete cutting and coring is a specialized job that demands reliability and absolute trust. It requires professionals known for their reputation, experience, and who have the right set of tools. This is where Brisbane Concrete Cutting comes in.

As certified concrete cutters, we know how to manage our high-powered equipment with safety and precision. We have a strong belief in our craft and abide by engineering recommendations, especially when working with structural components.

Your All-In-One Brisbane Concrete Cutting Queensland Solution

We offer an extensive array of concrete cutting services for various property types in Brisbane and its vicinity. We relish a good challenge, and hence we don’t hesitate to undertake complex tasks. No project is too big or too small for us; whether it’s a residential or commercial space, we’re eager to assist you.

We are available round the clock for any Brisbane Concrete Cutting Queensland requirements, understanding that time is valuable. We prevent your crew and contractors from idling around, aiming to complete our tasks before they commence their work. This approach helps keep your project on track and avoid any overrun penalties.

Explore Our Brisbane Concrete Cutting and Coring Services

Residential Services

We cater to homeowners, helping transform their space with precision cutting and coring.

Commercial Services

From small businesses to large corporations, we offer professional concrete cutting services.

24/7 Availability

Our services are available round the clock, ensuring your project stays on schedule.

Precision Cutting

With a team of skilled professionals, we offer precision concrete cutting in North Brisbane.

Safety First

Our team follows strict safety protocols to ensure your project’s smooth execution.

With Brisbane Concrete Cutting, you get a combination of trust, experience, and expertise wrapped in one comprehensive package. Our team works tirelessly, aiming to deliver on promises while ensuring the safety and satisfaction of our clients. Partner with us today to experience precision, dedication, and the epitome of professional concrete cutting in Brisbane.

Concrete Cutting
Core Drilling
Ring and Hand Sawing
Do you need to install a window or cut a door opening out of a wall in your home, garage, or commercial property? Or do you need to cut concrete flooring? Let Brisbane Cutting & Coring (QLD) do it for you. - We have the right tools and the right people to make sure that your project goes smoothly from start to finish. - We offer precise and reliable flush cutting on concrete flooring, as well as on walls, in case you need an opening for a window or door. - Our trained concrete cutters can saw through a wide variety of materials. Need to cut through regular or reinforced concrete? Do you have a stone or brick house? We can do that. We are also available to cut concrete driveways and parking lots for utility access.
Core drilling is a vibration-free hole forming method. It can be done with either a mounted rig or a hand drill. The process creates clean, smooth holes in structural concrete, masonry, walls, floors and many other types of building materials. You normally need core drilling when installing electrical services, plumbing or HVAC systems and runway or taxiway lighting, or when performing nuclear decommissioning. They are also used to create manholes and culverts, to prevent over cutting and to provide testing surfaces. For this task, our concrete cutters use only the best diamond coring machine available on the market. - Holes can be small or large – 10mm to 1000mm – depending on the individual project requirements. We can create the necessary conduits for new networking infrastructure in existing buildings, right up to access ports for maintenance staff. - Core holes can be drilled into vertical surfaces, horizontal surfaces or even inverted if required. - We can work not only on regular concrete, but also reinforced concrete. This service is also available to residential and commercial customers working on brick-and-stone properties.
The ring saw is a hand-held concrete saw commonly used after the handsaw to obtain a deeper cut. They are extremely useful for cutting doorway and window openings into double brick walls, concrete panels, walls and slabs or for precision trimmings. The ring saw we use for concrete cutting in Brisbane has diamond-tipped ring blades for deeper cutting up to 270mm. We can cut smaller openings or work in hard-to-reach areas in floors, walls, and ceilings where regular saws may not be able to reach.

How Much Does It Cost To Cut Concrete?

Do you find yourself in a middle of a project or are planning to tackle one and need to know how much it costs to cut concrete? Brisbane Cutting & Coring (QLD) can help you. While the price per linear metre runs from $3.50 to $114, there are still a good number of variables to consider with concrete cutting in Brisbane, such as:

  • Material – We can certainly slice through concrete and even reinforced concrete, but each type of material requires different levels of dedication. Clay bricks are soft, but care must be taken not to loosen the mortar; and stone is an extremely variable substance.
  • Cutting depth – The deeper the cut, the larger the cutting wheel, which limits the depth of a single cut (it usually ranges from 5mm to 400mm) and where it exceeds the maximum, we must use a combination of cutting techniques. The angle of the cut or core is also a factor.
  • Equipment type – Material, cutting depth and angle dictates what equipment we’ll use for the task. Common equipment used are drills, petrol or electric handsaws, ring saws and road saws.
  • Coring out – Once you cut, chances are you also have to core out your concrete as well. Coring prices range from 10mm deep at $1.35 to $17.50 and depend on the width and the project itself.

Trust Brisbane Cutting & Coring (QLD) for a job done right and priced right. Request a free consultation.